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Living abroad: this is how expats assess Switzerland

Living abroad: this is how expats assess Switzerland

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Expats rate Switzerland – and see room for improvement in one area

According to an international study, Switzerland performs very well in terms of quality of life and work. However, in terms of friendliness and hospitality, there is still room for improvement.


  • Munich-based InterNations has surveyed more than 12,000 expats about their lives abroad.

  • Switzerland ranked 23 out of 53 in the study.

  • While it is doing very well in terms of quality of life and work abroad, there is still room for improvement elsewhere.

Switzerland is world famous for its mountains, chocolate and watches. But its reputation also precedes it elsewhere: Switzerland and Switzerland Local businesses are attractive employerswho pay well and offer secure jobs – as an added bonus, you also benefit from a lower tax rate. This is also reflected in a study on living and working abroad.

As part of an Expat Insider study, InterNations has more than 12,000 people to live abroad Respondents provide insight into their satisfaction with quality of life, stability, work and leisure time and other points. While Switzerland does very well in terms of quality of life and work abroad, it still seems to have potential elsewhere.

Security and wages as bonus points

Overall, Switzerland ranks 23rd out of the 53 countries surveyed, roughly in the middle. The expats who participated in the study rated the quality of life in Switzerland as the best. In this regard, Switzerland ranks eighth. It even took first place in the environment and climate sub-category. In the Safety subclass, Switzerland also took the podium in second place.

This is how expats evaluate work and life in Switzerland.


When it comes to working abroad, Switzerland is also doing well, ranking 12th. This good ranking is mainly driven by high wages and secure jobs, with Switzerland coming in second in this subcategory.

Things are less rosy when it comes to acclimatization abroad: here, Switzerland ranks among the ten worst countries in the world, across all subcategories and for each individual rating factor.

These are the best countries for expats

Mexico is the best country to live and work abroad. Then comes Spain and Panama. Portugal is the only other European country in the top ten. The top countries in particular stand out with good to very good results in the Personal Finance Index. Acclimatization for expats in these countries must be particularly enjoyable. It’s easy to find new friends in Mexico. On the other hand, Spain scores above all with its leisure activities.

Mexico is the most popular destination among expats.


Expats ranked Kuwait, Norway, Turkey and Germany as the worst. Like us, our neighbor doesn’t seem particularly hospitable and ends up 50th in the Settlement Abroad category. In the core index for expats, which includes the subjects of language, housing, administration and digital infrastructure, Germany ranks among the worst in the world. In terms of working out, Jarna again fared better finishing 15th.

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