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Germany: Badis gets help from the police

Germany: Badis gets help from the police

Fights and injuries

German Badis is on the offensive – the police must help

It’s tempting to spend hot summer days in the pool. But in Germany there is a staff shortage, and some swimming pools have to shorten their opening hours. Sometimes reason: stubborn and quarrelsome guests.


Unspoiled pool fun like here in North Rhine-Westphalia is not always guaranteed this summer.

IMAGO / Markus Matzel

  • Specially trained personnel or mobile police guards.

  • This is how the Paddians in Germany interact with hooligan guests.

  • The staff also suffers.

  • Reports of illness are increasing.

“after group quarrel In Saarland: special training for outdoor pool security “-” Helpless worker against hooligans: police remove braepad in Berlin “-” How you should behave if there is a fight in the outdoor pool”. These headlines in the media explain German How turbulent the German mood can seem at times.

In the past few weeks, there have been frequent battles across Germany. A man was beaten in hospital for allegedly getting close to a girl. Another gathering had to be evacuated and closed earlier than planned due to rebellious visitors.

The result: according to “Bild”, the staff is at the limit. Several employees were claiming sick. The head of the Berlin Baths, Johannes Kleinsorg, tells the newspaper: “The number of accidents and the behavior of some bathers is (…) a heavy toll.” The disease rate will increase, employee motivation will decrease.

To combat this problem, the paddies resort to drastic measures. For example, while in the German state of Saarland, pool staff are trained by an external security service in order to be safer from a legal point of view, in the capital they are assisted by the police. According to Bild, mobile police guards must be on duty at swimming pools.

A video showing the controversy in the Budaiya area.

20 minutes / Scout News

In this country, too, this summer, shreds were already flying. In the middle of June we were at Marzili’s in Bern About ten people collided with each other. One person was slightly injured. The quarrel sparked a dispute between a man and a woman, and then suddenly about ten people got into the fight.

A fight took place at Marzili-Bad in Bern.

20 minutes / Scout News

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