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Live Like Geissens: This is how a luxurious family lives

Monaco, St Tropez or yacht

These are the luxury characteristics of Geissens

German reality TV millionaires make their money by buying and selling luxury real estate. Take a look at the special living conditions of the Jess family.

Publication date: 3:04 pm


Updated: 3:13 PM

Saint-Tropez, Monaco, and also with pleasure the Seven Seas: this is how the Jess family lives. Father Robert (58), mother Carmen (57) and daughters Shania (17) and Davina (19) show on their show “The Geissens – a Terribly Charming Family” how well their lives are. The family does not currently have as many roofs over the heads of the nobles as it once did.

Let’s take a look at Geissens’ current and past real estate portfolio.