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Christina has been criticized for a luxury bag

Christina has been criticized for a luxury bag

The fact that Christina Luft owns a Louis Vuitton bag doesn’t suit any fan at all. Now Luca Hani’s fiancé justifies her luxury purchase.

Christina Loft defends her purchase of an expensive bag. – Instagram @christinaluft

The basics in brief

  • A Louis Vuitton bag also hangs in Christina Loft’s wardrobe.
  • Absolutely forbidden, criticize fans of the professional dancer.
  • But Hani’s fiancée has no regrets, as she explained on Instagram.

Christina Luft (32 years old) has become an indispensable part of the German celebrity world. year for year professional gliding dancer in “let’s go dancing” across the parquet floor and inspire the jury and the audience.

lack of liquidity The preacher must be by Luca Hänni (28) So don’t be. But treat yourself to a Louis Vuitton bag? That goes a long way – at least that’s what a Cologne fan thinks. on me Instagram Now she’s defending her expensive shopping.

Why does she have to show the bag, she is actually very likable. But something like this does not suit her at all, is the criticism of a follower.

Christina defends herself: “There was a time in my life when I wasn’t feeling well. I wasn’t always that happy, self-confident person who could pass that on to you.”

Christina Luft: “With a bag I feel like a bad guy ****”

She was just coming out of a breakup. At that time she was in a “very dark place”. Then she went on half a trip around the world and ended up in New York.

There she saw the bag in a store. Then the saleswoman explained that only a few pieces of the sample were still available. to me “let’s go dancing”Beauty is a clear sign!

“I said to myself, ‘Well, you are a strong and confident woman. From now on you start over. You won’t let anyone tell you that you can’t, or you shouldn’t, or you can’t do something, now take this bag with you!'”

Do you like expensive branded clothes?

When I carried the bag now, it felt “too bad ****”, she couldn’t put it any other way. “The bag means self-confidence to me,” Christina defends. It has nothing to do with brand or prestige.

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