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Legendary Airlines: Recolored tape deletes Air Belgium from Airbus A340

Legendary Airlines: Recolored tape deletes Air Belgium from Airbus A340

In Romania, a new charter airline is preparing to take off. Legend Airlines leases two Airbus A340-300s that have previously flown to Air Belgium. You can watch this.

Air Belgium is revamping its fleet and has already had two Airbus A330neos in service. four her The Belgian airline separated from the A340-300 – Of two already in 2020, and the other two in the first quarter of 2022. All are owned by Airbus Financial Services.

Airbus’ leasing company has been able to purchase two A340-300 . aircraft The charter airline accommodates Airhub from Malta. The other two go to the new Legend Airlines from Romania. The first jet aircraft arrived at the beginning of August and now has a YR-LRC registration.

The paint is only slightly different

On Sunday (August 21), Legend Airlines released a photo of the second A340 that arrived registered with a YR-LRB. The machine is currently undergoing final maintenance, according to the Bucharest-based charter company – Otopeni. The two planes are 14 and 15 years old.

When it comes to drawing, the airline is practical. The red and yellow stripes on the fuselage and tail take over from Air Belgium. The back black tape is painted dark blue. This is the only place where the Belgian and Romanian flags differ: one has a black stripe, the other a blue stripe along with yellow and red.

Legend Airlines is also planning charter operations

Not much is known about Legend Airlines yet. According to the startup, charter flights with the Airbus A340 will be operated all over the world and the first destinations will be announced soon. All-inclusive rental and cargo flights are also available.

In the gallery above you can see the two paintings in comparison.