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Das Unternehmen arbeitet derzeit aktiv an der Kapitalbeschaffung.

Leclanché stays in the red | company sector

(AWP) Leclanché (LECN 0.5040 +5.00%) He suffered another loss in 2021. However, these numbers have not been verified. According to a statement on Monday, the SIX Exchange Regulation has given the battery manufacturer an extension of the deadline to publish its 2021 annual report to June 6.

According to unaudited key figures, aggregate income in 2021 was 21.8 million Swiss francs (previous year 23.9 million Swiss francs). At the Ebitda level, a loss of 48.8 million (previous year -62.2 million) was recorded. Net loss was 65.0 million (previous year 78.2 million).

Stagnant sales in 2021 are said to be due to delivery delays linked to the pandemic and disruptions in global supply chains. These are also the reasons why the company is currently unable to predict 2022.

The company is working on raising capital

The company is in dire need of fresh funds due to its current financial position. It is currently raising capital through its US-based Special Purpose Acquisition (Spac) company.

With this, Leclanché signed an exclusive letter of intent. A due diligence review is currently underway and should be completed soon. The planned next step will be the signing of a binding business combination agreement.

The agreement should then be the cornerstone for the merger of Spac with a wholly owned subsidiary of Leclanché incorporated in January 2022. The combined company is then scheduled to list on the New York Stock Exchange before the end of September 2022.

At the same time, Leclanché received a condition paper from one of the lenders for a loan of 15 million Swiss francs.

The liquidity situation is still tense

According to the statement, Leclanché’s future depends on the successful completion of the merger and the financing of the Spac bridge until the merger is complete.

According to the statement, one is confident that a new financing agreement can be reached as early as this month. Until then, the liquidity situation will remain tense and payments from suppliers will remain in arrears.