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Large-scale operation in Mindelsea: rescuers search for swimmers by helicopter

Large-scale operation in Mindelsea: rescuers search for swimmers by helicopter

A missing swimmer in Mindelsee has caused a large fire brigade and a DLRG operation in the Möggingen district of Radolfzell since the evening of Wednesday, 6 September. According to a report released by the Radolfzell Fire Department on Thursday, a relative reported a 69-year-old man missing. The lake was then searched with three boats by the fire brigade and DLRG. In addition, a helicopter from the Swiss air rescue service REGA and a police helicopter equipped with a thermal imaging camera are said to have been used.

Use of drones and divers

The lake was then searched with a drone and emergency divers. According to a fire department report, a DLRG water detection dog also searched the surface of the lake from a boat. At the same time, the lake bottom was also searched using two sonar devices from the Radolfzell and Konstanz fire departments.

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Unfortunately, the comprehensive use of all available search methods was not successful, according to fire brigade reports. The search was called off after about four hours. Relatives of the missing person were cared for by the Rescue and Emergency Pastoral Care Service.

Police continued to search for the missing person at Mindel Lake on Thursday morning. In response to a question, Katrin Rosenthal, spokeswoman for the Konstanz police headquarters, said: “As long as there is still hope, we will continue the search.”

The swimmer was found dead

The search for the missing person continued on Friday, September 8th. Police spokeswoman Katrin Rosenthal said police divers returned to Mendelsee in the morning. But there is no longer any hope of finding the man alive.

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A man went missing in Mindelsee on the evening of Wednesday 6 September (glyph).

On Saturday, a sad certainty: According to the police report issued by the Command and Situation Center of the Konstanz Police Headquarters on Sunday morning, the 69-year-old was only found dead in Mindelsee on Saturday afternoon.

“The criminal police flew over the lake again with a drone from the fire brigade. The report stated that the missing swimmer was located in the middle of the lake. The body was recovered with the help of a boat from the water police in Konstanz, and the criminal police investigation into the exact circumstances is continuing.