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Vladimir Putin’s doctor arrested – did he want to spill the beans?

Vladimir Putin’s doctor arrested – did he want to spill the beans?

Perhaps the Russian president’s doctor knows his most intimate secrets. Viktor Trukhin is also familiar with the latest medical research as the long-time director of the Vaccine Research Institute in St. Petersburg.

These facts made him one of the most wanted in Russia a few days ago – when he tried to escape to South America.

Russian intelligence officials are said to have intercepted him at the border with Belarus. The British newspaper “The Sun” wrote that a criminal case was immediately initiated against Trukhin.

According to the newspaper’s information, it seems that Putin’s doctor wanted to flee Russia after he was suddenly dismissed from his position as director due to a fraud scandal. He is said to have paid more than five million euros to an institute for biotechnology in South America.

For his former employer, the reason for the arrest is clear. He can “tell us a lot of interesting things about Russian vaccines and serums.” This is how the “Sun” quotes the respected St. Petersburg Research Institute.

After his release, 59-year-old Truhkin remained missing for more than a week. When he was arrested, they discovered he had a fake Nicaraguan passport.

According to the newspaper, the Russian authorities suspect that he wanted to escape and then reveal the secrets of the exciting research and his knowledge of Putin’s health.

It is often said that Vladimir Putin suffers from suffering and illnesses. Parkinson’s disease, thyroid cancer and dementia are just a selection of diseases that the Kremlin boss is diagnosed by experts from a distance. His frail gait and changing appearance always arouse wild speculation.