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Langstrasse: bikes have more space

Langstrasse: bikes have more space


There is more space for bicycle traffic in the long street tunnel

The city of Zurich makes it easy for cyclists to cross under the railway tracks at Langstrasse: they can now also cross under the track square on two-meter wide bicycle strips. The separate bus lane has been canceled for this.

If you want to go under the train tracks by bike, you now have more space than in this picture. There are now two-meter wide bike lanes on the road.

Christian Butler / Keystone

The Great Tunnel of the Long Street Tunnel was exclusively for cars and buses. There are now two-meter wide bike lanes in both directions. City Councilwomen Karen Rijkaert (Greens) and Richard Wolf (AL) presented the improvement to the media on Monday. Anyone traveling by bike no longer has to use the two smaller tunnels and share them with pedestrians.

Bicycle parking areas are designated at both crossings at both ends of the tunnel. Crossing the Lagerstrasse is made easier thanks to the so-called Velofurt. So far, there have been regular conflicts with pedestrians because cyclists were confused by unclear signs and had to use the pedestrian crossing.

The expansion of the side tunnels will not be completed until 2026

The new bike strips are just an instant action: the expansion of the two side tunnels has been planned for a long time. This turns out to be complicated, because SBB is planning its own projects in the same area and these buildings have to go through each other. As the city said upon request, construction is now scheduled to begin in 2025. Tunnel expansions should be ready in mid-2026. Construction was originally planned to begin in 2023.

8,500 cyclists and 3,500 pedestrians use the Langstrasse tunnel daily. (sda)