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Kubota: TIM with Automatic Feed Control

Kubota: TIM with Automatic Feed Control

Since 2020, Kubota has been double AEF certified for combining a TIM* capable tractor with an attachment. The manufacturer has implemented this with its Kubota Premium “KVT” “M7003” tractor series and the “BV” round baler with variable baling chamber. The system has already taken care of the entire sequence of stopping, tying and unloading bales. In addition, the system is designed to reduce PTO speed during certain stages of the compression process, which helps reduce operating costs. The driver only has to worry about feeding the bale chamber evenly by constantly moving the tractor track over the patch.

With Kubota’s new Automatic Feed Control “TIM Pack 2.0”, this process can now also be automated. The axial drawbar is hydraulically controlled by TIM. This means that the pick automatically moves over the patch and the beam is filled evenly. The operation is completely autonomous because there are two sensors that record the crop flow and use this information to control the drawbar. The result is a dense, perfect bale without the driver having to change lanes over the patch. Another feature of TIM is the so-called automatic monitoring of crop flow inside the picker and rotor. This allows the tractor to react immediately if crop builds up in the piston feed. Source: Kubota

*Tractor Implement Management (TIM) – communication between tractor and implement. This ensures work efficiency, reduces human errors and increases driving comfort.