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Klipsch The One Plus & Three Plus • Retro Bluetooth speaker

Klipsch The One Plus & Three Plus • Retro Bluetooth speaker

New comprehensive speaker systems Klipsh The One Plus and The Three Plus (pictured above) from the traditional American manufacturer impress with their vintage-inspired design and variety of connectivity options. Everything from the USB-C input to direct connection to the turntable is included with the Three Plus.

Klipsch’s two new integrated systems offer state-of-the-art connectivity and intuitive operation options. Bluetooth 5.3 It is the preferred wireless transmission standard. Computers, smartphones, and even a small network streaming device can be connected to the USB-C port via cable without any additional installation.

The compact Klipsch One Plus provides an additional analogue input.

One Plus: Additional analog inputs

Compact Klipsh OnePlus Provides an additional analogue input as a 3.5mm jack. The full-sized Three Plus can be easily connected to your TV via optical input. Analog sources can also be connected to their respective RCA jacks. Thanks to the subwoofer, this also includes a MM turntable.

“Klipsch Airplay Mode” for wireless pairing

Both Bluetooth systems are very easy to use. The source selection button and volume wheel are conveniently arranged on the devices. A wide range of additional features are available via the Klipsch Connect app for iOS and Android devices. Includes one Eq With the ability to adjust the room and an integrated remote control for the two integrated systems. A new function called “Klipsch Broadcast Mode” enables wireless pairing of up to ten individual systems for a multi-room audio experience.

Compact and powerful stereo sound: The One Plus

Despite its compact dimensions, the Klipsch One Plus Bluetooth speaker delivers all-round performance Stereo sound barrier And strong bass. This is made possible by two mid-frequency tweeters, each with a diaphragm diameter of six centimetres, and separate control of all three drivers in fully active 2.1 mode. The 12cm bass woofer provides a rich sound foundation. Two additional passive diaphragms provide bass support. They work in opposite directions on both sides to eliminate cabinet vibrations caused by deep bass. A total of 60W of power is available in the system, which is only 32cm wide and weighs 3.6kg.

The Three Plus offers four source options and an audio input.

More power and connectivity options: The Three Plus

the Klipsh that Three plus The soundbar also offers fully active 2.1 control and stereo playback using two midrange speakers. The low frequency range is reproduced here by a 13.5 cm active structure and two passive diaphragms of identical size. With 120 watts of power, a minimum frequency of 45 Hz and a maximum level of 106 dB, the Klipsch Three Plus achieves the audio performance you’d expect from a stereo system. With four source options plus a switchable audio input, the Three Plus provides versatility for a small stereo system.

Klipsh OnePlus application
The app includes an equalizer with room adjustment and a full remote control

Retro design with quality standards

Klipsch’s 75-year success story is also reflected in the design: Founder Paul W. Klipsch stuck to housing concepts and materials developed in the mid-20th century until future generations described the look as “outdated.” The One Plus and Three Plus all-in-one systems live up to this tradition with their design that combines real wood veneer with classic controls. The One Plus and Three Plus are available in real walnut with a gray lid or real black ash with a black lid.

Klipsch One Plus and Three Plus: Pricing and availability

The Klipsch One Plus and Three Plus speakers will be available at Klipsch dealers from November 2023. The One Plus is available for €299, and the Klipsch The Three Plus for €399 (both RRP).


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