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Kittel in the United States – these are the details of the deal with the new club

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Sonny Kittel (right) has no HSV future and wants to move to the USA. © Marcus Brandt / dpa

His future is clearly no longer with HSV. The destination where Sonny Kittel HSV leaves is also chosen. This is how the transfer should work.

Hamburg – The signs have been saying goodbye for weeks – even if no one wanted to admit it at first. Sonny Kittel’s time in Hamburger SV is coming to an end.

One thing is clear: the HSV midfielder wants to go to the States. in the Football League (MLS). reveals which club Kittel will go to, the length of their contract, and what transfer fees HSV must collect.

As in the case of Sonny Kittel, tags bid farewell to Josha Vagnoman. subordinate HSV defensive man is very popular between two clubs in the Bundesliga. He also has Overseas clubs knocked out at HSV due to transfer from Joshua Wagnoman. However, it is not yet clear where the HSV defender will end up and what the transfer fee will be for the traditional club from Volkspark for Josha Wajnomann.

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