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‘Bad guys’ argue over introducing video referee

After a miscalculation at Schwarzsee-Schwinget

The VAR discussion led to the division of Schwing Switzerland

It’s clear that Nolde Forer is in favor of introducing a video referee in wrestling. The former supervisor of Kings Wenger and Glarner stands against it.

Publication date: 06/21/2022 at 00:46

Marcel W. Perrin (text) and Sven Thomann (photos)

Case of Joel Wiki (25) Swiss sawdust split! To remember: Wicki had to lean on Michael Lederman when swinging at Schwarzsee, although slow motion photos showed the man from Bern was carrying his shoulders in sawdust about a minute and a half before the end. So part of the wrestling community is calling for the introduction of video refereeing.

Perhaps the most prominent proponent of the “VAR skinny pants” is Nöldi Forrer. “I have said for years that judges should be given television images of particularly controversial scenes.” The explanation given by the King of Wrestling in 2001: “Because my brother was a referee, I know these guys are under tremendous pressure. While they have to make a decision in haste, TV viewers can watch slow-motion footage from three different angles of each controversial scene at their leisure. You can only lose as a referee.”