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King Charles III under close watch – comment

Signing documents is one of the chief duties of a king; But it was easier said than done by Charles III. Observed in the first days as king. Already during his declaration, he had trouble with Myvel, who bothered him, and on Tuesday, when he was due to sign the visitor’s book at Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland, the fountain pen ran out. “Oh look, it’s running everywhere,” said his wife Camilla, and the king cursed, “I hate it, I can’t take that damn thing … every time!” You know this because a video was released earlier in the evening where you can hear every word spoken in the room.

It may also be asked that Charles initially got the date wrong. “Today is the 12th, isn’t it?” he asks in the video. No, replied one of his staff, it was the 13th. “Oh no,” says Charles, “then I wrote the wrong date.” Camilla then adds: “You already wrote the 12th.” Ordinary scenes, often already experienced. Wrong date, fountain pen expired? Damn!

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The queen showed almost no emotion. But he has not been under constant media scrutiny

But Charles isn’t just the new British king, he’s the heir of a woman, the best character who hasn’t shown any emotion in public for 70 years. It wasn’t always strong. The queen, it is now said, could not have done so. And doesn’t Charles already have a reputation as a prince? Aren’t there all the ex-employee stories about this man of the world who was overlooked by employees who wouldn’t even apply his own toothpaste?

There are many examples of what the ruthless expectations and associated pressure can be on public figures in the UK. However, the fact that the kingdom is dealing with an expiring filler is also an expression of the mixed emotions prevailing in the country these days. Mourning for the queen, rejoicing at the king, doubts about the monarchy, anger at the king, an anxious look at the next charge: all mixed up.

The state of emergency will last for eleven days, during which the 73-year-old monarch’s every move and every word will be documented, posted and shared. He was able to prepare for this for a long time, which is why you don’t have to worry now. Expiring fountain pens are not enough to judge his capacity as a new king or to judge the meaning of monarchy. Couldn’t that have happened to Rani? Indeed, such documentation of his performance on film and sound would have been unthinkable during his 70-year reign.