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Great Britain: The King is angry: Charles III. and filler knob

A tense relationship with writing roles? The British king loses patience: “I hate this.”

Pens and people have an inherently close bond. But most of the time she is not relaxed. Why is that? Among people who write nervously because they don’t even know what to write? Or a pen that doesn’t write or smear or smudge. King Charles III, now in office after his first few days, has a very tight relationship with characters. He hates pens lying around, evident when he somewhat impetuously asks for the desk to be rearranged while signing the Declaration.

Now for another fillip: When the king wanted to sign the guest book at the Scottish Hillsborough Castle, the pen spilled and smeared his hand. The cameras then captured the following scene. Charles to Camilla: “God I hate this”. Camilla said to Charles, looking at the dripping pen, “Oh, it’s going everywhere.” Charles walked away and muttered to the room, “I can’t take this damn thing. It always happens. Every time.” To make matters worse, the king entered on the wrong date.

But who is to blame: the pen or the man?

But who is to blame? Pen or man, the eternal question. Did the king press too hard? Missed the correct spelling? Is it a slightly slanted C that puts the fountain pen at an awkward angle to the page? Or the fountain pen simply fails, perhaps due to improper refilling: the less ink in the cartridge, the greater the risk that the air will be heated by the hand, expand, and push the ink out. Damn!

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