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King Charles and Co’s ‘boring’ Christmas menu

King Charles and Co’s ‘boring’ Christmas menu

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The Queen’s former chef also provided the Christmas menu for King Charles and his family for 15 years. He knows the details.

NORFOLK – Members of the royal family usually spend their holidays at the royal country estate, the Jacobean-style Sandringham building. If Darren McGrady (61) were still King Charles III. (75) and his associates, who worked as a cook, would have to remain silent. The palace kitchen professional, who comes from Nottinghamshire, was the Queen’s (96, † 2022) personal chef for 15 years and was also in charge of the Christmas kitchen at Windsor. But now he has another job.

Darren McGrady: ‘The Royal Christmas List is more modest than you might think’

The former royal chef revealed what Christmas at Sandringham looks like and, more importantly, what’s on the table for King Charles, Camilla, Prince William, Kate Middleton, their three children, and the King’s siblings and family. A lot of this can be revealed: it’s a lot more similar to what most Brits enjoy at a festive dinner than you might think.

The chef, who originally worked at the Savoy Hotel in London, even went so far as to describe the royal menu as “boring”. There is no trace of extravagance, and where you would expect oysters and caviar, things are much more modest. For the first time, the family of Queen Camilla (76), who has children and grandchildren, can enjoy the actual menu of the royal family.

The special drink of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen would drink the classic Gin Dubonnet cocktail or sometimes German Gewürztraminer before Christmas dinner.

King Charles and Co love it. In the traditional way: “The turkey is served with mashed potatoes and French fries.”

When the table is served after the traditional service on the morning of 25 December at Sandringham, a large table comes together. Darren fondly remembers Christmas in the palace kitchens, especially since they were so ordinary. According to the Mirror, he said: “It was the same food every year. Your presence [die Royals] She is actually boring when it comes to celebrations. They didn’t make ham or anything, just traditional turkeys. We prepared three turkeys for the Queen and her family for the Royal Dinner.

Former chef Darren McGrady reveals the royal family's Christmas menu wishes.  King Charles, Camilla and family eat very traditionally (photo montage).
Former chef Darren McGrady reveals the royal family’s Christmas menu wishes. King Charles, Camilla and family eat very traditionally (photo montage). © Zuma Press/Imago and Chris Jackson/DPA

There are three rooms in which the menu is presented. One for the family, one for the children attending, and one for about 100 staff, so everyone can have a Christmas meal. “The turkey is served with mashed and fried potatoes, chestnut or sage and onion stuffing, cranberry sauce, and bread sauce,” McGrady continued. Vegetables included Brussels sprouts, carrots and roasted parsnips.” After the main course, McGrady recalls, dessert was a traditional homemade Christmas pudding,” decorated with holly and doused with brandy, which the palace steward carried into the royal dining room. “.

Like most families, the royals will likely stick to their much-loved Christmas traditions, although King Charles has now appointed a vegan chef. People will continue to celebrate under the Christmas tree in the traditional way. either it was The royals still have to weigh in before and after the holidaysIt has not been reported yet. Sources used:, Royal Dining: Recipes and Memories from the Palace Kitchen (Thomas Nelson Pub)