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A light spectacle in Zurich – Oibel1 turns the Grossmünster into a brilliant work of art – News

A light spectacle in Zurich – Oibel1 turns the Grossmünster into a brilliant work of art – News


The artist will illuminate the façade of the Grossmünster in Zurich during the New Year. Honor and challenge at the same time.

New Year’s Eve rockets are lit again in many places on New Year’s Day. From a lot of “Oh!” and “Ah!” The night sky is lit up, accompanied by fireworks. Graffiti artist Samura Bazarabuzha, also known as Oibel1, is hoping to attract attention for his light art on New Year’s Eve – and it’s not high in the sky, but in downtown Zurich on the Grossmünster River.

“It is a great honor for me”

Bazarrapusa illuminates the Zurich landmark with its artwork. For the man from Zurich, the task represents a huge challenge. He was also happy with the assignment: “I was born here and grew up in Grossmünster. For me, this is the only building that cannot be taken out of the Zurich skyline. It is a great honor for me to be able to highlight it.”

The order comes from the Zurich Tourism Board and is a reward for many years of hard work. Bazarabosa has already been inspiring the hip-hop scene with his characters for 20 years. His style is reminiscent of pop artist Keith Haring, whose father was a close friend. Oebel himself also recognizes the similarity to Haring: “He definitely influenced me. Especially in technology and simplicity. I like things to look simple.”


Keith Haring on July 9, 1983 in Montreux. His style inspires Oibel1 in his artistic work.


The father of three has been focusing on fine art since 2010 and his works have been widely acclaimed. He exhibits his works in cities where art is highly appreciated. He displays his works to the public in Paris, Berlin, Prague and elsewhere.

Three days of light spectacle

Samora Bazarrapusa still has about a week and a half to work on the finishing touches. From December 31 to January 2, the Limmat city church will be bathed in the light of Oibel1. He has set up a different light show for each day, which will be projected onto the gray facade from 5pm.