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Kathy Hamels posts photos of her dying grandfather

Kathy Hamels posts photos of her dying grandfather

Cathy Hamels' latest post is drawing criticism. On Instagram, she showed pictures of her eldest son, who appeared to be dying in the hospital. As several media outlets reported, at least one of her photos has been deleted: it showed Kathy Hummels' granddaughter, likely tied to a bed.

A “shit storm” is said to have developed under the post. But Cathy Hummels does not let that deter her, as an hour ago she posted a new photo of her granddaughter. The broadcaster tells her followers: “She is in good condition.” But they are not very happy.

“Are you putting your grandmother online again? its enough. “I would rather spend more time with her than flaunt her like this,” one user wrote.

This user also finds harsh words: “I find self-portrait appalling. Grandma deserves a different kind of appreciation and doesn't have to show her 'sickness' on the internet. Man, you gotta be crazy about fame.”

Only a small number of followers side with the influencer. “It's impossible how a woman could be put here even though she just wanted to say something nice,” one person wrote of one photo showing the older man before his hospital stay. “How can people be so spiteful and meddle in everything that doesn't concern them?” ?