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“Bachelorette” Mia enlarged her breasts – her husband is happy!

“Bachelorette” Mia enlarged her breasts – her husband is happy!

'The Bachelor' star Mia Madison has enlarged her bust size. Her husband is pleased.

Mia Madison and her husband, Matteo. -Instagram

The basics in a nutshell

  • Mia Madison has enlarged her breasts.
  • The reality star's husband is thrilled.

“The Bachelorette” nominee Mia Madison, 26, is currently undergoing a complete makeover.

Just last week, the reality star melted hyaluronic acid into her lips. Mia Madison is satisfied with the result – “My duck bill is much smaller,” she beamed hours after the procedure.

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Instagram / @shhmadisson – Mia is happy with her lips.

After a few days, her lips were completely gone. “I'm going to leave my lips like that and never wear them again,” Mia explained on Instagram. “I – oddly enough – love my lips.

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'The Bachelor' star Mia has enlarged her breasts

This week, the Zurich woman has a new project: on Thursday she enlarged her breasts. Mia already has silicone in her breasts, but it looks like her breast size is still too small for her.

She had 450 cubic centimeters of silicone in her breasts, and now there are 800 cubic centimeters – almost double!

After the operation, Mia Madison shows the first results on Instagram. “The format will change, of course,” she writes. But she seems very happy about it.

Not only is Mia happy with her XL breast size, her husband has also marked the surgery date on his calendar. Italian Matteo Rocco (31 years old) recorded the operation in rough German as “Mia Tettegrose” (“Mia big tits”). There's also an emoji showing his anticipation.

Mia laughs: “No, sorry, look how my husband saved my operation.”

The reality star stands by his beauty routines. In addition to her lips and breasts, Mia also regularly gets Botox injections.

Mia Madison and Matteo Rocco married in April

Mia Madison and the Italian tattoo artist tied the knot for the second time in April of this year.

The reality star and her husband met and fell in love at a tattoo parlor. In 2022, they got married spontaneously in Las Vegas (USA).

But the two also had a sad year. This year, Mia and her husband, Matteo, lost their baby. This was the 26-year-old woman's second miscarriage.

At the end of October, she wrote on Instagram: “Guys, it's over. I'm in incredible pain right now.”

Mia Madison became known throughout Switzerland through her participation in the dome 3+ show “The Bachelor” in 2018. There she fought for the final rose from Clive Bucher (31). Since then she has also appeared in other appearances such as “Reality Shore”.