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Kate Middleton: Expert speaks clearly – 'She doesn't want to rush into anything'

Kate Middleton: Expert speaks clearly – 'She doesn't want to rush into anything'

Since the official statement from the British Royal Family that Princess Kate will not appear in public until after Easter in order to focus on her health, things have remained quiet regarding the Princess of Wales.

Until now! Because an insider from the royal family's inner circle is now offering an insight into their current situation.

The recovery has given room for much speculation

After abdominal surgery Kate underwent last January, she was supposed to focus fully on her recovery and was initially relieved of her royal duties for an extended period. After Kate's recovery, things initially remained quiet for the Princess of Wales.

But Prince William's recent cancellation of a memorial service for former Greek King Constantine has once again raised speculation in the world of the royal family. Has Kate's health suffered a setback? However, the royal family immediately denied this in a statement.

Expert assessment: “I don't want to rush into anything”

One British family expert knows that Kate is now slowly on the road to recovery. “From what I've heard, Kate is back to her routine and doing well,” author Rob Jobson told Hello magazine.

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But the expert also knows that the Princess of Wales still has to take it easy: “But she doesn't want to rush into anything,” he told British media. Accordingly, Jobson spoke to people particularly close to Kate and told him she was recovering well, but not 100 percent yet.

Kate Middleton's family support

One thing is clear: Kate will be warmly welcomed back when she recovers enough to return to work. According to the royal expert, she is currently “happy” because she is able to spend time with her family and focus on her recovery.

Especially with Mother's Day and Easter celebrations approaching, Kate and her husband, Prince William's three children, give her extra strength to recover from difficult times.