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After serious accusations!  King Charles III speaks the floor

After serious accusations! King Charles III speaks the floor

If two people argue, be happy King Charles III. never. It seems that the king has taken the initiative to calm things down between his daughters-in-law, Kate and Meghan.

An insider at In Touch Weekly claims so Princess Kate At the king's request, a decisive telephone conversation took place Duchess Meghan It has led. This royal peace talk has been overshadowed by serious allegations of racism surrounding Archie's birth.

King Charles III: discussion after the racism scandal

The split between the Cambridge and Sussex couple has been in the media for some time, with rare glimpses of possible attempts at reconciliation. “Shortly after the book allegations surfaced, Kate contacted Meghan to clarify the matter,” the source said, adding that King Charles asked Kate to make the call. “Charles forced Kate to become peacemaker after William refused.”

+++ King Charles III makes a clear gesture – “Bring back Harry” +++

The sources for these allegations can be found in the book “Endgame” by journalist and Meghan's close friend Omid Scobie. The Dutch edition of the book contains claims that both Kate and Charles engaged in speculation about Archie's skin colour. According to informed reports, these accusations prompted the king to seek reconciliation.

King Charles III wants peace

According to reports, the sensitive phone call between Princess Kate and Duchess Meghan took place shortly before Kate was admitted to hospital at the end of 2023. It is currently unknown what the duchesses discussed in the conversation and whether there was a rapprochement. However, the health of King Charles III, who is suffering from cancer, underscores the urgent need for family reconciliation.

Another opportunity for family discussions could arise if Prince Harry travels to his sick father for a second time in May as planned.