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Kate Middleton: An expert reveals that she only cares about one thing

Kate Middleton: An expert reveals that she only cares about one thing

It could have been a friendship like in the book, but instead the previous relationship between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton is on the verge of complete collapse. One royal expert is speaking out and predicts there's not much left of the once close relationship…

Since Meghan and Prince Harry left the royal family, the tension between the royals has become evident. Royal expert Omid Scobie reveals Kate Middleton's alleged 'cold' attitude towards Meghan when she first joined the royal family in his latest book 'Endgame'. But the rifts deepened further when Meghan and Harry resigned from their royal duties in 2020 and launched an unprecedented campaign against the royal family.

Kate Middleton is 'the exact opposite of Meghan'

However, the current speculation about the possible rapprochement of Prince Harry with the royal family due to King Charles' cancer diagnosis does not allow Meghan and Kate to get closer to each other. Consequently New magazine The two women are “completely different” and it seems that reconciliation is still a long way off.

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Royal expert Tessa Dunlop comments on the reasons for the ongoing dispute: “I don't think it's ever been an easy relationship. I don't think Kate and Meghan have ever had a close relationship.” Dunlop attributes this rift to the fundamentally different personalities of the two women. “They are very different women. Kate is always about being secretive and unobtrusive. She's shy. That's the exact opposite of Meghan.”

Kate Middleton: The reasons are becoming increasingly clear

The expert further explains that Meghan's performative nature contrasts with Kate's reserved nature, creating a gap that cannot be bridged. In addition, Meghan feels “incredibly jealous” of the close relationship between Harry and his sister-in-law. Ingrid Stewart, the famous royal author, confirms that Meghan longed for a level of trust similar to that between Harry and Kate, which may have led to envy and jealousy.

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“I heard that Meghan actually thought she was going to be a princess and live at Windsor Castle,” Ingrid reveals. “Instead, there's William and Kate in this beautiful house while they were stuck at Nottingham Cottage, which Harry always called 'my cottage.'

The true reasons for the end of this much-discussed friendship are becoming increasingly clear. It remains to be seen whether the Royal Duchesses will find their former affinity.