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Jungle Queen Lucy: Here's how she sees her time in Australia

Jungle Queen Lucy: Here's how she sees her time in Australia

Singer Lucie Diakowska (No Angels), winner of the RTL Jungle Camp, returns to Germany – and notices the changes in her body after a performance in remote Australia. “Even when I left the camp I didn't feel any hunger,” the new jungle queen reported to the German Press Agency in Cologne on Wednesday.

The body has obviously changed. Even now, she has “absolutely no desire” to eat large meals, Diakowska said. At the same time, she feels very fit. In total, he lost 7.5 kilograms while preparing for the show and the camp. “It's a regimen and it's great exercise,” he said.

Lucy had power from day one to day one

“I'm a star – get me out of here!” In, major candidates must starve themselves on rice and beans. Food can be a little fancy only if you earn enough stars in the exams. But that hasn't been the case for most of the past 17 seasons. Although some of her fellow campers showed faint signs of fatigue, Diakowska showed incredible energy until the end. She also won the relay.

On Monday night she received the most votes from the audience and was named the queen of the jungle. The 47-year-old followed in the footsteps of jungle majesties such as Costa Cordalis, Brigitte Nielsen and Ingrid van Bergen.

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Jungle Queen 2024: “I didn't miss anything”

Even isolation — no cell phone, no social media, no news — can't affect the new jungle ruler, by his own admission. She said she felt a “tremendous peace” inside. “I didn't miss anything.” When she was allowed to leave the camp, it wasn't until much later that she picked up her cell phone for the first time – to make a quick call to her grandmother and aunt. Diakowska said she felt happy when she woke up in the morning in the forest.

However, the heir to the wild throne is not really happy in his kingdom by all appearances. The key word is hygiene. “I don't know why nobody washed,” Diakowska said Wednesday, still a little shaken. “I don't see anyone who washes with soap in the bathroom in the morning,” he said. It's always just her.

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She even took off her clothes to do it – it didn't matter to her if footage of it would later be shown on television. “Because self-care is really about the respect you show others. Nothing else,” insisted the singer.

Fellow campers smelled “like a possum.”

On the other hand, she noticed her fellow campers sleeping in sweats in their sleeping bags. Then they got up and brushed their teeth – and started the day. It smelled “like a possum” with a t-shirt from the day before. “It's indescribable to me,” said Lucy Diakowska.

Nevertheless, she would immediately return to the wild camp. On the last day she said: “I could be here immediately and I continue to feel better. Because I've accepted it and it's really good for me.