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Jungle Camp 2024: Are these stars and stars in Australia?

Jungle Camp 2024: Are these stars and stars in Australia?

Jungle Camp 2024 Are these stars and stars in Australia?

Sonja Seidlow and John Coppen also performed in 2024 “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!”

© RTL / Ruprecht Stempell

By 2024 forest camping will be around the corner again. A few stars have already been announced for the anniversary edition of the RTL show.

Early the next year, the junk company announced “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” Returns in RTL. In the broadcast schedule (more via RTL+) Although the Cologne broadcaster has yet to officially announce any of the celebrities for the 17th season of the popular reality show, Cologne “Express” It now claims to have been informed by well-informed sources about the first nakshatras and nakshatras entering the forest in 2024.

Twenty4Tim Coming to Wild Camp in 2024?

Influencer Twenty4Tim (23) should be at the top of the list of participants. The 23-year-old is hoping to succeed Djamila Rowe, 56, as the Queen of the Jungle, who she wanted to be at the start of the year. According to “Express”, his participation has already been confirmed. Management of Twenty4Tim’s real name, Tim Kampmann, declined to comment. RTL also announced, as always, that it “does not participate in speculation about candidates”.

Will the Emmys go to the jungle in 2024?

Reality star Emmy Russ, 24, is another potential candidate who already has high ratings. According to his own statement, he “feels” like taking a trip to the Australian bush, but he could not comment on the speculation surrounding his participation in “Express”. However, the 24-year-old, who has also appeared in “Celebrity Big Brother”, “Temptation Island VIP” and “Battle of the Reality Stars”, is said to be high on RTL’s wish list. But nothing has been signed yet.

RTL is also reportedly keeping an eye on a former “Bachelor” contestant and “Bachelorette” candidate considering next year’s jungle camp. Francesca Demme (28) fought for the heart of Dominic Stuckman (31) in 2022 and can currently be seen in Thailand on “Bachelor in Paradise”. Former “Bachelorette” contestant Rafi Rachek (33) meanwhile said goodbye to the reality world and completed training as a paramedic. According to “Express”, the 33-year-old can now be drawn back to the screen.

In addition to these speculations about the participants of the jungle camp at the beginning of next year, two faces that the audience will see again on RTL have already been determined: Sonja Zietlow (55) and Jan Köppen (40) “I’m a star – hold” I’m leaving here in 2024!”.