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It seems that a Russian group hacked Microsoft – Economy

It seems that a Russian group hacked Microsoft – Economy

According to Microsoft, hackers with connections to the Russian government were able to access some of the emails of the company's high-level managers. Microsoft said the attack began in November and was discovered a week ago. The hackers also downloaded some documents from email attachments. The company did not provide any information about who among the company's management was affected, but said that emails from employees in the fields of cybersecurity and law also fell prey to the attackers. It is still unclear how many employee accounts have been affected in total. Microsoft confirmed that it was a “very small percentage” stake. The group had about 221,000 employees as of June 30.

According to Microsoft, hackers entered the email system after hacking the password for an internal test account. She added that the attack was not the result of security vulnerabilities in Microsoft products or services. There is also no evidence that the attackers gained access to customer areas, software source codes, or artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

In addition to the hacker attack, Microsoft is also facing problems with US antitrust authorities

According to Microsoft, a Russian group known as “Midnight Blizzard” and “Nobelium” is behind the hack. She added that the hackers initially looked for information about the group in emails, citing preliminary investigation results. This would allow hackers to better understand how much Microsoft knows about them and their approach. Microsoft did not provide any information about how the attackers' focus changed after that.

Microsoft software is used in many companies and government agencies around the world. Depending on how important the information captured is, a breach could have far-reaching consequences. A few years ago, Solarwinds' maintenance software was hit by one of the most serious cyberattacks by suspected Russian hackers. The attackers then used it to gain access to the systems of dozens of companies and authorities.

And the hacker attack is not Microsoft's only problem: according to a media report, the American company's $1 billion investment in ChatGPT developer OpenAI is causing discussions between the US Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The magazine reported that antitrust authorities are discussing who is responsible for reviewing the matter POLITICO Friday. The Federal Trade Commission said it is working seamlessly with the department to protect American consumers. The ministry declined to comment.

Microsoft promised OpenAI investments of more than $10 billion last year. The American software company had made clear that it would not become a shareholder, but would only be entitled to a share of the profits. The board seat to which Microsoft is entitled has no voting rights. However, the EU Commission and the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) are already taking a closer look at cooperation under antitrust law.