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"It is better that we stand together in the field"

“It is better that we stand together in the field”

The start of the season for Freiburg went surprisingly again. Nico Schlutterbeek has had an important part of the success. The center back is placed under Christian Streiche. On the other hand, his brother Kevin has been left out so far. Also because Nico outdid him.

Sibling roles: a completely different case

“We would rather be on the field together. But now this situation has just happened. But we are dealing with it normally. Lately, we have often played with three defences. In this case, we will not meet each other anyway. I suppose we will be trusted With Kevin again soon, Nico Schlutterbeek describes the situation with his brother within the team in a recent interview on the homepage of the German Football Association.

So far, Brother Kevin has not been assigned a relevant role. It was only used against Mainz 05. But only for about 1 minute of play! This was followed by a deployment in the Bresgau Reserve. They lost 2:5 from the BVB reserve. For Kevin Schlutterbeek, the season is not at all satisfactory. But it does not stand in the way of the team’s success. Nico Schlutterbeek also talks about the often-cited idea of ​​the team: “We have a good infrastructure and apart from ‘Santa’ (Baptiste Santamaria) we haven’t given up any players. To this, ‘Egge’ (Maximilian Eggestein) was added as well as some young players. Our defense is in good shape and works well with the midfield and the storm.”

Long-term member of DFB

Given last year’s strong season in Berlin at Union and the other strong showings of SCF, Nico himself also recommended choosing DFB. He wants to be measured by the next step in his long-term career: “The quality of the national team is brutal. In terms of individual players, Germany is one of the best countries. We have many of the best players with international experience. I have to focus very hard on training because the other players are very good.” So much so that you can’t keep up otherwise. I can learn a lot from this quality and mindset.”

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