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Is “The Woolneys” overrated?  Sarafina offers Christmas gifts

Is “The Woolneys” overrated? Sarafina offers Christmas gifts

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Every year, the Woolneys ask us what they should give their children for Christmas. The offspring of Sarafina and Peter were showered with gifts:

“The Wollnys” are in the Christmas spirit! Extended family daughter Sarafina Wolney and her husband Peter Wolney have three children: daughter Hope Angel Sylvia and twins Emory and Casey complete the small family. The reality TV contestant is known for showering her children with love. But your kids shouldn't lack gifts at Christmas either!

Broadcasting The Wollnys – A very large family
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First broadcast January 17, 2011
Woolney family Sylvia Wolny and her partner Harald and many of their children and grandchildren

“The Wollnys” on RTLZWEI: TV favorite Sarafina Wollny reveals – “What we gave the twins”

“Nothing exciting happened here. We enjoyed the time with the children and played a lot. Many of you have asked us what we got the twins for Christmas,” Sarafina Wolny explains to her Instagram account Stroy in December 26.

Children of TV celebrities shouldn't miss anything on the holidays, either. Without further ado, she gifted her offspring with many toys! On her Instagram Story, the mother-of-three gave her fans and followers a look at the many gifts hidden under the Christmas tree. “The boys got a lot out of Lego Duplo,” she told viewers before posting a photo from the room.

'The Wollnys' Star Sarafina Wollny Reveals Savings Trick for Parents – 'Bought on Show'

There are lots of Lego Duplo sets stacked in the living room, which Sarafina and Florian had to build with their children. “I prepared everything for the boys and last night Casey took it all apart again,” Sarafina reveals with a smile. The twins received five Lego Duplo sets from their parents.

Very generous! In order not to overburden the family budget, Sarafina Wolny gives her fans and followers advice that she herself has taken into account when shopping for Christmas: “I bought the sets on sale,” says the mother of three children. With a smile, she passes the bargain hunter trick on to her followers.


The “Wollnys” celebrate Christmas in a small group – Sarafina and Peter spend time with the children

Ahead of Christmas, The Wollnys star Silvana Wollny revealed how the family saves on gifts despite having multiple children. As a member of a “very large family,” Sarafina has long known that Christmas can sometimes be turbulent. A family with three young children means a lot of work.

Sarafina always tries to please everyone, but she doesn't always succeed. The reality TV star is now enjoying spending time with her sons more and has been shown playing with her sons on her Instagram story. Meanwhile, the Wollnys' loyal fan base is eagerly awaiting new episodes of the reality show on RTLZWEI. (sic)