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Initial suspicions by the FBI - Trump raid: The judiciary releases an important document - News

Initial suspicions by the FBI – Trump raid: The judiciary releases an important document – News

  • A long-awaited document was released in part after a search of former US President Donald Trump’s home.
  • The US Department of Justice released the document, with some revisions, by order of a judge.
  • Based on This document A search warrant has been approved for Trump’s private Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach.

About half of the 30-plus-page paper is blackout to protect sensitive information. Among other things, there is information about the initial suspicion of the FBI against Trump.


Although much has been redacted, the 32-page affidavit provides the most detailed description yet of government records stored at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.


25 Top Secret Documents

Accordingly, 14 of the 15 boxes of documents that Trump previously sent from Mar-a-Lago to the National Archives contain classified and sometimes highly classified documents. 184 documents were classified into the boxes – 67 “secret” documents, 92 “secret” documents and 25 “top secret” documents. The FBI complained that classified documents were mixed with other papers. So the FBI argued there was reason to believe there were other classified documents on the property.

Brief assessment of SRF America reporter Pascal Weber

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What can be read from the documents published today?
“Let me first say what cannot be read from these documents: there is no ‘direct evidence’ in them, i.e. no direct evidence, no direct accusation that Donald Trump will be impeached directly because of it. However: it is an extraordinary document, because for the first time in the American history accused a former president in such a document of storing top secret materials in his private residence after his tenure. And in a frivolous manner.”

what does that mean?
“It’s hard to say, after all, that nothing like this has happened before. The big question in the end will be: Will Donald Trump be legally prosecuted for this? Will he be prosecuted for this? And how did Trump and his supporters respond? US President Joe Biden was asked on another occasion today On whether the fact that Trump was storing top-secret materials on his private ranch in Florida put national security at risk? Biden’s response was, let’s let the Department of Justice decide.”

A Florida judge had ordered the newspaper’s partial publication on Thursday – given the high public interest in the case. Several media outlets have applied for publication in court.

The FBI searched Trump’s estate in Mar-a-Lago, Florida on August 8th. The background is the Republicans’ handling of documents from his presidency.

Trump calls publications a ‘witch hunt’

Former US President Donald Trump responded angrily to the release of details of the investigation against him. On the “Truth Social” online service, which he co-founded, Trump wrote on Friday about “witch hunts!!!”.

Trump speaks into the microphone.


Since he was banned from Twitter, Trump has been posting his messages on his social media platform.


He accused the FBI and the Department of Justice of “total public relations deception.” The procedural document, some of which has been published, does not indicate that he worked closely with the FBI in returning the documents. Nor does it provide any evidence that he withheld documents related to nuclear weapons.