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Ice hockey: 30-match ban for ice hockey star after racist incident - Athletic Mix

Ice hockey: 30-match ban for ice hockey star after racist incident – Athletic Mix

Big punishment after the racism scandal in America!

The American Ice Hockey League (AHL) (Second Division) suspended Czech player Kristof Hrabec (22) for 30 games after a disgusting racist act.

Harbek made a monkey-like gesture toward dark-skinned Canadian ice hockey pro Boko Imama, 25, in his team’s game at the San Jose Barracuda against the Tucson Road Runners Jan. 12.

Then the Czech professional faced several Tucson players on the ice. The match was stopped for minutes, and the assistant referee had to block Imam several times.

AHL president Scott Howson (61) in a statement from the league: “The AHL stands behind Boko Imam. It is unfair that every player is subjected to comments or gestures based on the color of their skin; they should only be judged based on their ability as a snowboarder and as a roommate. switching clothes and as a member of his community.”

Harbek also issued a public apology on Friday evening, saying he had already spoken to the imam.

“I am ashamed of the events and actions that led to my suspension,” the Czech said.

Hrabek continued, “I want everyone to know that I am very sorry for what happened and I take full responsibility for my actions. Boko is a player I respect and I am very sorry for putting him in this situation. I have personally apologized to Boko and I sincerely hope that he will forgive me.”

The person in question, Boko Imama, also reported the incident via social media, writing on Twitter: “Enough enough! I’ve dealt with situations like this all my life. As a person of color who plays youth hockey (…) this happens to me over and over again. It’s a thing. Disappointing and disheartening that something like this still has to happen in 2022!”

The San Jose Sharks, the “mother” of the San Jose Barracuda, also strongly condemned the incident, writing in a joint statement with Barracuda that such racist incidents were “unacceptable.”

They “apologise to Boko Imam, the road drivers in Tucson, the AHL, fans and the entire hockey community.”

Your Harabeek will now be given the opportunity to participate in the Anti-Racism Course. After a suspended 21 defeat, the AHL will then decide whether the Czech player can play in the league again, provided he has successfully completed the course.

The incident of racism is not the first against Boko Imam. Early in 2020, the Canadian was racially abused by Brandon Manning of Bakersfield Condors. Mannig received a five-game ban at the time.