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Nicht im US-Nationalteam: Wolfsburgs John Anthony Brooks.

Wolfsburg’s Brooks: No new contract, no World Cup?

No sense of accomplishment with VfL, (yet) no new contract at Wolfsburg – and no World Cup? 2022 could be a problematic year for Jay Brooks. The defender’s contract, who has often been far from consistent performance from the previous season, expires at the end of the season, and his stay with Lower Saxony is anything but certain. It is also unclear whether he will be able to participate in the World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year. In any case, the 27-year-old is not in the current US squad for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers.


National team coach Greg Berhalter said surprisingly that Brooks, who has played for a long time in the USA squad, does not fit in with the upcoming competitors. W: The VfL crisis may also play a role. The former German Bundesliga player (Cottbus) had already given up his experienced defender last fall. He now explained: “He will continue to play a role with us in the future. Hopefully he can recover his form at Wolfsburg And his team there started winning matches again and going up the table. He is a key figure in Wolfsburg.”

Most important to the US team appears to be Walker Zimmerman (Nashville) and Miles Robinson (Atlanta United), who are seen as a key duo in central defense – at least in matches against El Salvador (Thursday), Canada (Sunday) and Honduras. (Wednesday next week). In these games, a preliminary decision can be made about Whether the United States will qualify directly for the World Cup Or it should land. After that, the last qualifiers will be played in March.

What about his contract with Wolfsburg? Jörg Schmidtky really wanted it Conversations with Brooks, who has consistently refused to comment publicly, concluded before the second half of the season. But it’s not quite that simple: Brooks signed his current paper when other salaries were being paid at VfL, and his annual salary is said to be around four million euros. And he can survive for only so little. Similar starting point He had already sacked local defensive midfielder Robin Knoche in 2020.

And the longer he waits for an agreement with Brooks, the more realistic the possibility that he will be transferred for free at the end of the season, as Knoush did nearly two years ago – especially since VFL has long established a potential successor in Mickey van de Veen. On Monday, Director Schmadtek repeated what he had been saying about conversations with Brooks for weeks: “There is no new situation.”