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HSV Hamburg: Lesson from Magdeburg: HSV takes 10th place at half-time - Sports Mix

HSV Hamburg: Lesson from Magdeburg: HSV takes 10th place at half-time – Sports Mix

This was a free training lesson.

The fact that the players of the HSV handball team could not give their coach Torsten Jansen any gifts in the form of points for his 45th birthday, yesterday became clear to the league leader Magdeburg, who did not have any losing points.

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For the newcomer, there was a 60 minute object lesson for speed, commitment and avoiding mistakes in Magdeburg.

26:34 (13:17)! But respect the tenth place between the halves of the season! There was a Christmas present in front of the city. 2,500 fans are allowed into the Alsterdorf Sports Hall against Bergisch HC (December 27).

“Since we sold 3,000 tickets, we are now in an awkward position,” says Managing Director Sebastian Frick. “Experience has shown that some visitors are distancing themselves. We hope this will reach 2,500. Otherwise, we are facing a challenge.”

His players in Magdeburg had much more difficulty – without Finn Wollnober (patient) and Dominic Axmann (rehabilitation).

“We fought well, but Magdeburg made it smart and made a few mistakes. Unfortunately, it was partly a class difference,” Kasper Mortensen says. “But it was positive that we kept our heads up in the end.”

Also strong: after half of the season, Janssen’s team has settled into the midfield and is eight points (!) above the first relegation zone. Respect tenth place!

“What it was like for us, for the boys to gain experience, so that they could face them better next year. It worked,” Goalkeeper Jogi Peter (12 saves) says:

Goals: Mortensen 6/3, Ussenkop 4, Andersen, Wheeler 3 each, Fürstbauer, Kleindam, Schmelbauer 2 each, Bauer, Bergmann, Spat, Fallin 1 each.