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Holiday routes in the region should invite you to stay in the summer

Holiday routes in the region should invite you to stay in the summer

Play badminton, take a picnic, or set up a deck chair in the middle of the street. Parliamentary Progressing By SP-Grand Councilor Salome Bisinic must make this and more possible.

The car needs eight square meters of space. However, in the summer months, the city’s traffic drops by about 15 percent. This means that there should be more space to enjoy the summer in Basel. The initiative therefore calls for checking whether some streets can be closed and reused in the summer.

We wanted to know from SP consultant Salome Bessenich what these holiday routes could look like. We met her at Hammerstrasse in Kleinbasel, where the traffic is currently very low. In addition to residents, they believe that a daycare center or nursing home could also benefit at this point. Water game or chess field in the shade are two different uses Bessenich can introduce myself here. Transfers should always be carried out in consultation with the neighborhood.

Besnish ​​doesn’t rule out commercial uses either. The counselor said that St. Johanns-Ring / Mittlere Strasse would be ideal for this. “hHe has a coffee shop, grocery and wine store. You can decide with the shops how to use the space.”

Does Basel need ‘holiday routes’?

Outdoor pools, holiday tickets, playgrounds – the city really has a lot to offer those who have stayed at home. Do you really need more? According to Bessenich, the current offers do not necessarily replace the offer that will be available in the immediate residential area via holiday routes. “That’s why it was also important to me that the focus was on those densely populated neighborhoods and not in the immediate vicinity of the park or playground,” she explains.

It refers to the provinces of Kleinhoningen, Gunddingen and St. Johann. The senior counsel’s first lawsuit, which slipped in favor of Sebastian Kollicker in May, will be discussed at a September or October meeting. The summer initiative has already been signed off by a broad political spectrum.