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His suspicions are growing!  Julian sees Maxime as 'a bit immature'

His suspicions are growing! Julian sees Maxime as ‘a bit immature’>broadcast>show>

16. August 2021 – 8:36 hour

Doesn’t Julian think the bachelorette is so cool?

Maxim Hairboards Small announcement in the fifth week of the bachelor She has in her favourites Julian Dunnemann Apparently not fruitful. The candidate, who is still high with her, is more and more suspicious. For one thing, he feels more and more uncomfortable in the men’s villa. On the other hand, his dissatisfaction with the 26-year-old is growing. At the pool, Julian reveals to the other candidates: “I’m interested in her, but I don’t know if that’s enough for me, number one. Second, she looks a bit immature and doesn’t always have something to say.” This behavior is clearly bothering the 27-year-old a lot, as seen in the video.

“Then she’s not the right person for me.”

Julian accepted The Bachelorette as the first candidate. Although Maxim is a little early on, she is very interested in the 27-year-old. But not only the other guys but The Bachelorette also noticed that something was wrong with Julian. That is why they keep a small distance.

As Maxim enjoys a group date in week six, Julian’s suspicions grow even more. “If a stupid saying comes from the side and she’s standing there and doesn’t know what to say, she’s not the right person for me,” these are the tough thoughts he’s thinking. He would like to start over – but is it really too late for that?

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Video: Julian “crazy” in the men’s villa

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