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He's used to criticism and ridicule - Maguire's 'time to shine' which he gets so scolded?  - Sports

He’s used to criticism and ridicule – Maguire’s ‘time to shine’ which he gets so scolded? – Sports


Harry Maguire has many critics. But under Gareth Southgate, the England defender is preparing for the World Cup in Qatar.


They are sometimes referred to as “dumplings” in England

Harry Maguire.

Images by Imago/Shutterstock/Kieran McManus

Harry Maguire posted a good mood in training during the week. Like on Wednesday, for example, when, at 26 degrees and in a muscle tank top, he botched the first pass in the popular 5-on-2 warm-up match. The defender sat in the center amid laughter from his teammates. Maguire later attempted several technical corner flag shots. Nobody entered. Again there was sarcasm.

Maguire is now used to sarcasm. Not necessarily from fellow players, but from fans or experts. The 1.96 tall defender from Manchester United is always in the clear with some clumsy mistakes or slapstick insertions. After a large number of mistakes this season, he lost his usual place with the “Red Devils” – as the de facto captain.

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Van der Vaart: “Sulli is the German Maguire”

Raphael van der Vaart also appears to have targeted Maguire, who was infamous in the British media as a “dump”. The former Portuguese midfielder once said that players like Maguire can be found in every amateur club in the Netherlands.

Recently, he also spoke about the central defender in his role as a TV expert at the World Cup in Qatar. When he was supposed to rate German Niklas Sol’s performance, Van der Vaart said: “Soul is not world class. It’s German Harry Maguire.” Of course, the comparison of the Dutch is not to be taken as a compliment.

The quarter-finals are Maguire’s thing

Even the serious island media were reluctant to see Maguire in Gareth Southgate’s squad a few months ago. But it is precisely from this that the abused defensive giant gets support. In Qatar, he was always allowed to play from the start. Along with John Stones, Maguire is the defensive heart of the 4-2-3-1 system that Southgate installed in place of his back three for a short period in order to get another attacking player on the pitch permanently.

The record proves it right: in four World Cup matches against Iran (6-2), the United States (0-0), Wales (3-0) and Senegal (3-0), only two goals have been conceded. Morocco is the only one who conceded a goal less than all the quarter-finalists. By the way, a special goal.

Maguire himself takes the insults calmly. Of course you don’t like being criticized,” but I think that’s part of this game. said the man from Sheffield, who also likes to go attacking by standard. He seems to be doing it particularly well in the quarter-finals of the finals: he scored with a head In both the 2018 World Cup against Sweden and the European Championship 2021 against Ukraine, and against France?