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Helvetic Airways: The Embraer E2-Jet celebrates its world premiere at London City Airport

Helvetic Airways: The Embraer E2-Jet celebrates its world premiere at London City Airport

For the first time, a regular flight with the Embraer E2 landed at London City Airport. The airport is hoping for a lot of planes.

Button ensures that HB-AZG will be shown for the first time in the world Thursday, September 2nd. It made the first scheduled passenger flight of an Embraer E2 to London City Airport on Flight LX464 on behalf of Switzerland. Helvetic Airways touched down at 5:45 p.m. local time, and it was full. He was greeted by the airport firefighters with a traditional shower.

London City Airport is unique. Only a few aircraft models are allowed to land on the 1,500-meter runway. These include the ATR, De Havilland Canada Dash 8, Airbus A318 or Airbus A220-100. That’s because the ramp is too short.

A particularly steep approach

But this approach is also more demanding than many other airports in the world. The reason: Because of the population density and development around the airport, pilots have to fly at an angle of 5.5 degrees as they approach. As a rule, this slip angle is only 3 degrees.

The button that allows you to approach the city of London by E2 is not surprising. Above it stands a steep asymptote, a steep approach. Among other things, it enables the hydraulic system to activate spoilers on the wings during approach to landing. This way you can maintain the correct speed of approach.

Small button, big effect. The sharp approach button on the E2. Photo: aeroTELEGRAPH

Planes are diverted

Not all Helvetic E2 aircraft are yet equipped with this option. But this should be the case gradually. The maintenance team needs about two days to convert the plane so that it is approved for LCY, the airport’s IATA code. The goal is also to train all pilots in this approach. Because cockpit crews also need additional training to land at London Airport.

The E190-E2’s predecessor, the Embraer E190, is also allowed to land at the airport – and it dominates it, too. “Before the pandemic, 75 percent of the aircraft with us were from Embraer,” says Richard Hill, head of marketing at London City Airport. Currently 90 percent.

Spoilers at work: critical to the City of London’s approach to speed regulation. Photo: aeroTELEGRAPH

Bigger reach, more goals

“We rely on the E2 planes,” he continues. With a view of the new Embraer aircraft, new platforms have been created and Build a taxi lane. For a long time, planes had to turn around the runway at the airport. It cost time – and reduced the number of potential arrivals and departures. The change increased from 38 to 45.

The reason why London City Airport depends on the plane: Thanks to the range, more destinations are opening up. For example, E2 planes can now also reach Madrid, Rome or destinations in Russia.

In the photo gallery above, you can see more recordings of the trip.