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hectic!  He wants an apology

hectic! He wants an apology

“Very very angry”

Angela Levine knows Harry better than almost any other journalist. After all, the nobility expert wrote an autobiography about and for Princess Diana’s youngest son Accompanied intensely for a long time. She’s sure: Harry Anything but happiness about itHow ended the jubilee of the throne for Megan and him. “I think he was very, very angry because he was largely ignoredAnd she told the newspaper, “The Sun” that the problem, according to the expert: Harry is still crazy wayHow his family treated him. and now The Duke of Sussex demands consequencesAngela Levine is convinced of that. Says:

He still feels he owes an apology.

To many fans of the Royale, this must sound like sheer mockery. After all, it was Harry and Meghan who attacked the royal family so fiercely in their interview with Oprah Winfrey.

that harry now To feel the consequences of his actions Angela Levine is not at all surprised. “You can’t be rude to people and then expect them to open their hearts to you againAnd these consequences seemed far more far-reaching than Harry was hitherto aware of. It is said that in all the days Meghan had just been in Great Britain, there was not a single face-to-face encounter between Prince William and him.

And if you think Angela Levine, Harry was clearly unhappy about that. She thinks this became especially evident during the festive service.

What struck me the most that day was Harry’s anger. He wore his emotions on his face and looked extremely angry.