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Harry's visit to Great Britain: No happy ending for the royal family

Harry's visit to Great Britain: No happy ending for the royal family


Updated on February 8, 2024 at 3:12 pm

After King Charles' diagnosis, his son Harry rushed to his father in Great Britain. But anyone hoping for a debatable and happy ending to the British royal family will be disappointed.

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Almost work Prince Harry's (39) Return to his British homeland is as exciting as it is short, as is an alternative version of the parable of the prodigal son. The younger son leaves the family to try his fortune abroad, and after a while is purified and returns – under the fierce opposition of the older, dutiful brother – happy and welcomed with open arms by their father.

The modern UK remake of this story is different. Prince Harry had to fly more than ten hours to be with his father King Charles III After his cancer diagnosis. British media reportedHarry and Charles' meeting lasted only half an hour to a maximum of 45 minutes. Shortly after, the royal couple said goodbye to the country estate at Sandringham – Prince Harry returned to America.

After Charles and Camilla moved to Sandringham, there was no meeting between Harry and Harry, according to consistent media reports, despite his brother Harry being alone in London. Prince William. Represented by William King Charles A busy royal schedule on the day of Harry's arrival.

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King Charles: Caught off guard by Harry's well-intentioned gesture?

The latter was generally not in Harry's favour The British media landscape is considered minimalKing Charles and Prince William were surprised by his “well-intentioned visit”. This is backed up by Harry not staying at one of the royal properties after his visit, but staying at a hotel. Additionally, the King actually preferred to retire to Sandringham much earlier than the public.

In addition to his father, Prince William also cares for his wife, Duchess Kate, 42, who is battling health issues. (pcs/spot/pack)
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