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Great for city cycling: Villingen-Schwenningen in first place - Villingen-Schwenningen and surrounding area

Great for city cycling: Villingen-Schwenningen in first place – Villingen-Schwenningen and surrounding area

Villingen-Schwenningen mobility officer Ansgar Kundinger is elated: Not only did the VS cyclists count the number of participants and mileage from last year, VS also left other cities behind in the city size category. Photo: VS . City Photo: Schwarzwälder Bote

Environment: Kundinger: Anyone who participated can be proud of themselves / RC Team Villingen is at the fore

Villingen Schöningen. Not all cycling kilometers have been entered in the thrill city yet. But shortly before the final result is announced, Willingen-Schoeningen will take first place.

The city administration has announced that the city’s cycling campaign in 2021 has ended, and there is reason to be excited. In the corresponding city size category, Villingen-Schwenningen currently takes first place.

Not all cities are actually rotated and participants can add their kilometres, which is why the order may change. “But right now, it’s pretty much as if the regional center is going to keep its number one spot,” the city enthused.

One of the people they are happy about is mobility officer Ansgar Kondinger. “This result is fantastic. Everyone who participated in Villingen-Schwenningen can be really proud.” In the past few days, shortly before the end of the bike race, the participants would have given it all again, propelling Ravensburg into second place. The two cities had previously fought head-to-head for first place.

1741 cyclists participate

From July 1 to July 21, a total of 1,741 cyclists in Villingen-Schwenningen regularly sat on the saddle for a good climate and better health. The kilometers traveled can still be added until July 28, which is why only provisional figures are available, and the city continues to appear.

However, it is already clear that the number of participants and mileage from last year has been exceeded. Thus more carbon dioxide emissions can be avoided compared to the previous year. So far, 383,548 kilometers have been cycled, which means that 56 tons of carbon dioxide have been avoided.

Avoid too much carbon dioxide

“I am very happy with the large number of participants this year. We even managed to break our own record and we are currently number one in the size of our city. But the best thing is that a lot of CO2 has been avoided again and everything participants still have something what for themselves,” according to the Kondinger report.

Of the 135 teams in VS, the RC 1886 Villingen is at the top of the list with a distance of 33,229 kilometres. Shortly thereafter, he will be followed by a team from the Schwarzwald Barr Hospital and a Barfood team from the Society for Solidarity Agriculture, Barfood.