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Great Britain – British Post Sorter Daily Letter Delivery Questions

Great Britain – British Post Sorter Daily Letter Delivery Questions

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In future, letters will only be delivered three days a week – a proposal by the British communications regulator Ofcom is currently causing a stir on the island: a 'nationwide debate on the future of the British Postal Service' is needed. .

In future, letters will be delivered only three days a week – a plan by British communications regulator Ofcom that is currently causing a stir on the island. “There needs to be a nationwide debate about the future of the British Post Office,” Ofcom said on Wednesday. Eliminating the daily delivery requirement will help Royal Mail make hundreds of millions of pounds in much-needed savings.

The problems facing the British postal service are similar to those in Germany: the volume of letters has fallen sharply in recent years. Nevertheless, the company, which was privatized in 2013, is subject to strict legal requirements. Royal Mail has criticized that these are designed to deliver 20 billion letters a year, although they currently only handle seven billion.

Ofcom points to other countries such as Sweden, Belgium and Norway where the daily delivery requirement has already been removed. Alternatively, Royal Mail should be heavily subsidized. “But ultimately it is the government's decision,” the authority said.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak immediately rejected the proposal on Wednesday. At the House of Commons in London he underlined the importance of Royal Mail. The government is determined to “make sure it stays that way”.

In Germany, the federal government relaxed the conditions for issuing letters late last year. Until then, standard letters in primary care should arrive with a probability of 80 percent on the next day and 95 percent on the second working day. Now there are no fixed targets for the first two days.

Deutsche Post DHL Group has been doing good business with its international investments for years, while the postal and parcel business in Germany is declining.

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