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Giant slalom at Alta Badia - 9 to 3: One good run on Gran Risa is enough for Adermatt - Sport

Giant slalom at Alta Badia – 9 to 3: One good run on Gran Risa is enough for Adermatt – Sport


The Nidwalden native achieved his 11th consecutive giant slalom podium in Alta Badia. Norway celebrates a double win.


  • 1. Lucas Brathen (North), 2:36.35 minutes
  • 2. Henrik Kristoffersen (NOR) +0.02sec
  • 3. Marco Odermatt (Switzerland) + 0.10sec

It was an extraordinary picture that presented itself in the Alta Badia half-time: Marco Odermatt didn’t finish on the podium after the first half, and he wasn’t the best Swiss. The guy from Nidwalden, who climbed to the podium in all 10 last giant slalom races during the season, lost almost a second and a half in the best time and found himself only in the intermediate ninth position. The reason was found quickly: after going down in Val Gardena, Odermatt was unable to make the change on the heavily twisted track on Gran Risa. “I didn’t feel what he might suffer,” he summed up in the first half.

But the Swiss didn’t let that bother him. Instead, he proved that he needed a little more to find that feeling again. With the second-best time, Odermatt catapulted himself to the top in the decision. As a result, he had to shiver for his place on the podium. As first-run leader Zan Kranjec (SLO) fell behind the Swiss, it was enough for a podium at the end – for the eleventh consecutive time in his favored system.

There was no overtaking of the Norwegians on the difficult slope of Gran Risa. Lukas Brathen defeated compatriot Henrik Kristoffersen, and after Sölden in 2020 celebrated his second World Cup victory in this field.

the other swiss

  • 9. Justin Morriser + 1.21s
  • 11. Loïc Meillard + 1.38s
  • 16. Gino Caviezel + 2.01sec
  • 22. Livio Simonet + 3.06s
  • Not in the second round: Thomas Tumler (31), Fadri Janotin (32), Daniel Set (38), Semel Besig (51)

In addition to Odermatt, his friend Justin Murisier, who watched the trails, was also in convincing, scoring in the giant slalom for the first time this season. At the beginning of October, Vallésan had to have surgery on his back due to a herniated disc. On the other hand, he was satisfied with his ninth place.

Loc Meillard, who finished sixth at halftime as the best Swiss, lost a few places in the decision, as did Gino Caviezel.

Livio Simone, who drew attention with two giant slalom victories in the European Cup during the week, scored his third consecutive World Cup points after Sölden (25) and Val d’Isere (19). He set the sixth-best time of all drivers in heat two.

exploitation of Andorra

Joan Verdoux presented a beautiful story set in the Dolomites. The 27-year-old from Andorra finished his third giant slalom of the season in 12th place and thus his best World Cup finish. Verdue was running 28th at halftime and was able to start the decision early. Then, the contestants split their teeth into rows at his time.

Overall, Verdu ranked 16th thanks to a best time in the second run. Previously, he had finished only 17th in giant slalom at Kranjska Gora (2022) and 58th in super G at Beaver Creek (2018) at the World Cup.

Here’s how to proceed

Men’s World Cup entourage stays another night in the Dolomites. A second giant slalom will be held at Alta Badia on Monday – so Marco Odermatt and Co have an immediate chance for revenge. On Thursday, the night slalom will take place in Madonna di Campiglio, a three-hour drive away.