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Michel Jesin is fourth at Super-G in St. Moritz, Gut-Behrami 8.

Different moods in St. Moritz

Jezzine’s desire and Gut Behrami’s frustration

While Michelle Jessen, 29, was elated, Lara Jot Behrami, 31, was shaking her head in disappointment. Super-G in St. Moritz creates different moods.


Lara Gut-Behrami faces some mysteries. She only gets eight.


Mathias GermanSports reporter

The sun rises over Corviglia above St. Moritz. Michelle Jessen (29) is cheering her on. “It’s liberating—I’m finally skating really well again and absorbing this energy,” she says. Engelberger, born in Samedan GR, is more than happy with his fourth-place finish. “I love this area, it’s amazing. I feel like I won.”

Background: After changing skis from Rossignol to Salomon, Gisin has recently had to take a lot of flak. “It wasn’t always the material’s fault. I also got some things wrong, and I also started to get sick of Levi’s.” The results of the two-time Olympic champion were meager, she got into the top ten only once in twelve races – the eighth on the Lake Louise slope. “All the questions were about my skating,” Jesine admits. That was a little annoying.”