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Germany is in second place after the dressage, and Britain is in the lead

After completing a dressage test at the World Championships in Prattoni, the British took the lead in the field. Thanks to the performances of Michael Young and Julia Krajewski, Germany is now in second place, just ahead of the United States.

Five Britons in the top 15 in individual classification , including third place by Yasmine Ingham and Benzai de Loire. You can name this respected team effort. And it’s definitely a comfortable starting point for tomorrow’s off-road day. Everyone hears that this world championship will not be decided in dressage. But the decision will not be taken without the participation of the British. surely. With Laura Collette and London in second (19.3), Oliver Townend and Balaghmore in sixth (24.3), Tom McEwen and Toldio de Quercer in seventh (25.6) and Rosalind Kanter over Lords Gravalho (26, 2) in fourteenth, GB’s team is ahead With 69.2 points.

Germany made its way to second place. Read here how the team riders’ rounds turned out:

Christoph Waller and Kargatan S – “Crap”

Sandra Ovarth and Viamant de Matz, at least not a fallen roof

Julia Kragowski and Amanda de Banneville with 26.0 finished 12th!

Michael Jung and Chipmunk lead with the best personal results

Singles contestant Alina Debusky, Barbados

Add 76.1 points minus the German team’s cross-country day. It’s half a point lower for the US delegation. Tamara Smith with May Boom, DSP Saxon Thuringian by Loredano is 5th in the singles rankings.

Interesting too

Pratoni Post by Pochhammer: Tension builds up, as is the mood

The New Zealanders have a score of 77.9. The best kiwi is Monica Spencer for the artist, and she took seventh place (25.6). Kevin Nabab is the best Australian riding Don Quidam (25.7 / 9.) Team Australia ranked fifth (84.1). The French are ten points behind a minus.

Nothing has been decided. Round one will be revealed tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. in Brattoni, when Christoph Wahler as “Pathfinder” opens the 88-race cross-country competition.

The provisional result in individual standings can be found here over here.