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Princess Ingrid Alexander is vacationing on a royal yacht

Princess Ingrid Alexander is vacationing on a royal yacht

Holidays in the royal house

Luxury in Norway – Princess Ingrid Alexandra sails on a royal yacht

The Norwegian crown prince’s family is currently enjoying a summer vacation. She sends her regards from a trip on a royal yacht via Instagram.


Sverre Magnus, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, and Crown Prince Haakon are currently enjoying a royal holiday.

Jean Langouge/NTB

  • It really is vacation time in the Norwegian royal family.

  • Crown Prince Haakon, 49, and Crown Princess Mette-Marit, 49, of Norway are currently sailing on a royal yacht with their children Ingrid Alexandra (19) and Sverre Magnus (17).

  • The royals shared photos of their trip on the royal family’s official Instagram channel.

Just before her 50th birthday in July and August, enjoy the big festivities Crown Prince Haakon (49) and Crown Princess Mette-Marit (49) of Norway Break with her two children, Ingrid Alexandra (19 years old) and Sverre Magnus (17 years old). On the official Instagram channel of the Norwegian royal family The family posted three photos from their time together On the royal yacht Norge.

“The family of the crown prince wishes you a nice summer,” reads the caption on the family photo, which shows the four on a beach holiday in the commune of Sur-Varanger. So they are now on their way with the yacht along the northern coast.

In the recordings, Mette Marit, Haakon, Ingrid Alexandra and Sverre Magnus smile softly at the camera. While the crown prince and her daughter each wear white pants and a matching shirt, the crown prince and his son wear a more casual shirt and pants combination.

The summer plans of the Norwegian royal family

In an Instagram post, the four also revealed what will be on the program in the coming months: “Later in the summer, both Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit will turn 50. While Princess Ingrid Alexandra prepares to take over as a school assistant and environmental worker in the fall she starts After her national service, Prince Ambassador Magnus is preparing for his final year of sixth form.”

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