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German Tesla plant conversion begins next week >

An old article from made waves again on Monday. In mid-May, editors reported in Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin produces only 86 Model Y per week At the beginning of July, a larger transfer of higher volumes is planned. Bild newspaper picked up this article and turned it into a “Tesla Shock” because production was going to stop because of it. This two-week break was planned for a long time. Initially, Bild newspaper reported that it was scheduled to start on Monday, then corrected itself to the next day. This corresponds to the current information reached on the website.

Double Tesla watch after switching off

The article in Monday’s newspaper Bild does not contain any new information, but rather summarizes what has become known about events and plans at the German giant plant in other ways in the past few weeks. Tesla itself is conservative as usual, but gave the provisional result in June 1000 Model Y produced in one week for the first time. This has been estimated to be about 50,000 per year, which is only one-tenth of the target capacity, the tabloid correctly wrote. However, she did not mention that Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated long before the launch and after that that achieving this goal will take some time.

On the other hand, the newspaper appears to have mixed up information that does not directly belong to each other. In the original version, the break was said to begin on Monday (July 4). Then that was corrected to next Monday. mid-May as well In another post on this topic had only reported “early July”. The rumors could have surfaced in the Bild Report on the 4th of July, and from that point on the third turnaround would begin at the German Tesla plant.

An informed source has now confirmed to that the date set by the newspaper for the second attempt, next Monday, is correct. Incidentally, this interruption in production at Grünheide has been planned since at least March. It said that as of July 11, the vast majority of former Tesla employees will not be required temporarily. However, after two weeks, they should all be back – and so much more every week of August.

However, these new employees are not serving the goal of filling a third shift at the German Tesla plant, as was heard on Monday. Rumors about this surfaced last week and it was also mentioned in the photo report. On the other hand, confirmed that the goal of the conversion interval is significantly faster production. From the current 90 seconds, the clock at Gigafactory should be reduced to 45 seconds from August. Many new employees will also be needed for this – demand will almost everywhere double in production, it has been said.

More wages in German Gigafactory from August

And as of the beginning of August, Tesla will be paying nearly the entire Gigafactory workforce more money, he heard on Monday. who – which Labor union IG Metall recently raised the issue of wages at Tesla – With the claim that there is ‘grinness of teeth’ in the factory because new employees are paid better. But that doesn’t seem right, because as it has now been said, Grünheide’s new and old employees should instead get 6 percent more August than the previous rules. The only exception to this is management. However, it is said that there is constant dissatisfaction with the salary level in the factory. At the lowest level, it is currently €32,000 per year.