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Galaxus puts an end to the packaging craze!

Less crazy packaging

Digitec Galaxus cuts the plastic snake

Online retailers use tons of plastic to secure their goods in transit. A corresponding amount of waste is generated. Digitec Galaxus now wants to reduce this waste.


Digitec Galaxus used to send this bike pump in a big package.

Online commerce is booming. And it creates a lot of waste. Lots of cartoon. But also a lot of plastic. Its production is particularly energy-intensive and complex for recycling. Online retailer Digitec Galaxus has also contributed to the accumulation of waste in the past. For example, a simple bicycle pump was packaged in 15m of plastic and shipped.

The packaging craze should be over by now. According to a press release, Digitec Galaxus now sends out its packages in nine sizes to match the range. This will benefit the environment, customers as well as logistics personnel. Because: 28 percent less air is sent with every package. This means more packages fit the truck. The parcel is likely to be in the mailbox.