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The rich should pay more – a suggestion from economists

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to: Christian Einfeldt

In the annual report, “Economists” call for a single decade on energy: the rich should pay more. This aims to avoid a recession in the German economy.

BERLIN – In light of the ongoing energy crisis, there is a growing demand for political rethinking. Council of Economic Experts, Schultz’s focal point for economic issues – in short the “Five Economic Sages” – hold the wealthy of our society to account. In order to avoid a recession in the German economy, economists must decide on the single energy. Concretely, this means that high earners must fear a “very limited increase in the highest tax rate”.

Energy Solos: Rich People Should Pay More to Avoid Recession

The current times of crisis must be “managed in solidarity”. According to the opinion of the “economic sages”, this means a compromise between relief and burden. In the first place should exemption for low-income people. Another economist is also critical of Lindner’s tax cuts and asks the wealthy to pay. Energy solos, which are currently only discussed on the basis of the annual report by “Wirtschaftswiseen”, can make themselves felt in the form of a “very limited increase in the higher tax rate”.

So far, the FDP has prominently opposed what many people see as social justice: the highest earners are sued for taxes according to their wealth. Debate Indeed, a panel of experts recently called for the rich to pay taxes on subsidies. Now, suggestions from the “economic sages” can proceed to implementation. For many, a wealth tax will be the right measure in times of energy crisis. But how realistic is Sols Energy?

In their annual report, “wise businessmen” advocate energy solos – the rich should pay more. (Icon image) © Sven Simon / Imago

Energy Solos: Low-income families should not be “unnecessarily overburdened.”

again Mercury According to reports, the Economic Commission has always called for tax cuts in the past. There was scarcely any mention of additional tax burdens, let alone those that would harm the wealthy. Meanwhile, the five-member committee was newly formed. Times are different anyway – so it’s no surprise that the call for higher taxes on higher incomes is growing.

According to the annual report of “Economic Experts”, the proposal meets the requirements of our era torn by crisis. High earners say ‘they can actually take on the higher burden themselves’ Economics Achim Troger In conversation with Meanwhile, low-income families sometimes face an uncertain future – they should not be “burdened unnecessarily” any longer. In addition, the arguments of the “wise businessmen” are based on the assumption that the previous measures in the relief package were “not sufficiently targeted”. Accordingly, the “high-income groups” could also have benefited.

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However, the Commission does not attest to the urgency of introducing SOLs Energy. as such daily news According to the report, the report notes that only a higher tax rate increase or temporary energy savings can be “considered”. The question remains whether the federal government will now follow the corresponding proposals of the “economic sages”. While the SPD and the Greens could agree on energy solos, the FDP and CDU have so far rejected any speculation about a tax on the wealthy.