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FW-OG: helicopter landing on Freiburger Platz

FW-OG: helicopter landing on Freiburger Platz

Offenburg fire department


Due to a medical emergency on Straßburger Strasse, a rescue helicopter was forced to land in the center of Freiburger Platz at around 6:45 pm on Saturday. In order to be able to bring the airborne emergency doctor team to a suitable clinic as quickly as possible, the “Flying Emergency Doctor Wagon” stationed in Rheinmünster Solingen, operated by the German Air Rescue Service, landed in the middle of the intersection.

The fire brigade secured the landing and take-off stage of the machine within the confined location within the city and supported law enforcement officers in cordoning off the area around the aircraft. A number of onlookers around the crossroads in Offenburg captured the situation on film. Traffic was controlled by the police while the intersection was closed.

The DRF helicopter took off shortly after 7:15 pm with the patient to a private clinic in Karlsruhe.

The fire brigade was active with three vehicles and 10 emergency services.

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