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Fun ride with Minion Corvette: Dashcam Reveal Mechanic

Fun ride with Minion Corvette: Dashcam Reveal Mechanic

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This C7 Corvette had to go to the dealer due to a defect. Its employees take the opportunity to go on a fun trip. And not just once.

Anyone who brings their car into the workshop assumes that it will be treated with care. Customers are unlikely to expect pleasant rides during a test drive. However, it often happens that the property in the workshop is not treated as one would like it to be. The most recent example is the Corvette Z06 (C7 series) that was “borrowed” from the mechanics.

Fun ride with Minion Corvette: Dashcam Reveal Mechanic

On his YouTube channel NyteFall’s Cars and Stuff, the owner reported on the visit to the workshop, which was inauspicious from the start. In fact, the bug was only supposed to be fixed, but there were many delays and the sunglasses were also said to have been stolen.

For a brief moment, the mechanic lost control of the customer’s Corvette. © YouTube (NyteFall’s Cars and Stuff)

After a short break, the Corvette spent two weeks at a Chevrolet dealer in Burlington, North Carolina, and the man only learned about the fun trips in his sports car when he looked at the recordings from his dashboard camera afterwards.

The mechanic takes the Corvette for a spin: “I have to make sure it’s really good for the customer.”

Instead of exposing the sunglasses thief as he had hoped, he saw two shop employees driving around in the Corvette. One employee actually cranked up the heat in third gear and accelerated hard in a 45 mph zone. He almost lost control of the car and almost slid into the oncoming lane. One could argue in the man’s defense that he wanted to test the repaired sports car. However, he had picked up a friend beforehand and taken her for a fun ride in a Corvette.

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The second employee did not handle the customer’s sports car very carefully either. When he discovered the car camera, he tried to pass the whole thing off as a test drive and said. “This is good!” Then the man asserted: “I have to make sure it’s really good for the customer.”

The workshop reimburses the repair costs

At least the workshop reimbursed all costs when the owner complained about the pleasure rides. But “this does not make up for the potential damage they caused or could have caused to my car.” The remaining confidence in the merchant was completely shaken. Many YouTube users see it similarly:

  • “I’ll be angry too!”
  • “I’m not going to lie, I was angry, you made that video so funny, but I would get a new Z06 in my driveway and I would close the dealership if I could.”
  • “Anyway, I hope this joke doesn’t work on the poor American car dealership worker for the rest of his life.”

But the man is not completely alone. A woman from Erftstadt received a parking ticket because her car was speeding. Problem: The car must already be in the workshop at this point. In another case, a mechanic used a customer’s car to drive to McDonald’s.