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Great Britain – King Charles III resumes public duties despite cancer

Great Britain – King Charles III resumes public duties despite cancer

Charles III speaks to patient Leslie Woodbridge Image: AFP

British King Charles III visited a cancer treatment center. Appearing in public for the first time since her own cancer diagnosis nearly three months ago.

British King Charles III visited a cancer treatment center. He made his first public appearance since being diagnosed with cancer nearly three months ago. He, along with his wife Camilla, visited a cancer treatment center in London on Tuesday to speak to patients and medical staff.

The royal couple arrived at the Macmillan Center late in the morning and waved and smiled at visitors. Where cancers are diagnosed and treated, Charles III trembles. Lots of hands on and chatted with members of the nursing staff and patients. He sat with many patients, talked to them, held their hands. Children who presented flowers to the king received gifts in return.

The royal visit lasted about 40 minutes. Following the “incredibly encouraging visit”, hospital director David Probert said “His Majesty did everything he could to meet as many staff and patients as possible. The patients were “delighted”, he told Sky News.

After he was diagnosed with cancer, the King, in his first public appointment, wanted to emphasize the importance of modern research in early detection of cancer and fighting the disease. The 75-year-old is a patron of British charities Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Aid. His 76-year-old wife Camilla heads another cancer charity, Maggie's.

Charles III made his cancer public in early February. After the surgery she was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, but the palace says it was not prostate cancer. It is not known what type of cancer he was suffering from.

After the diagnosis, the king initially stopped his public appointments. However, he attended meetings in a small circle, such as the weekly meetings with the Prime Minister.

On Friday, the palace announced that the king could once again attend public meetings in close coordination with his doctors, thanks to encouraging progress in his recovery. However, it is too early to say how long the King's cancer treatment will last. In March, Charles' niece, Princess Kate, announced that she too had cancer. He has not been seen in public for months.

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