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Volkswagen is showing off its new camping flagship – but one question remains unanswered

Volkswagen is showing off its new camping flagship – but one question remains unanswered

World premiere! Volkswagen is showcasing a campervan of the future.

Study of the California concept can be enjoyed in the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon. Initially there was a lot of praise from VW and camping enthusiasts – but a lot of people are asking themselves one question.

Volkswagen California study shows

For Volkswagen, the new bus is not just a mobile home, but also well suited for everyday use. “I will make the new California transform quickly,” said the study presentation by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

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Volkswagen has already sold about 260,000 of the previous California models. Since 1988 they have had one thing in common: the pop-up roof. That’s why it’s not missing from the new show car. Volkswagen promises panoramic views and comfortable sleep.

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Volkswagen has put a lot of modern technology into the study. All camping-related features are controlled via touchscreen or smartphone app – from the wastewater level to the auxiliary heater. This study is considered a hybrid, which means it can drive through everyday urban life without emissions.

The promise of relief is great. And you can already see the first photos of the wagon: Volkswagen has changed the living and kitchen areas. Two sliding doors provide three rooms. The kitchen and grill can also be used from the outside – very practical while camping. For the first time you can also use the left side of the California when camping.

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You can turn the right side of the car into an open tent with an awning. In addition to the swivel front seats, VW has also installed individual removable seats intended to provide more storage space – for bikes or boards, for example. According to Volkswagen, the seating area can be quickly converted into a reclining area. Not only does Volkswagen promise more cargo space in the new California, it also promises comfortable lighting.

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The new Volkswagen California is scheduled to go on sale in 2024. What Volkswagen has not yet revealed is how much the motorhome will cost. But this is exactly the question that many fans are asking themselves on social networks. Of course, News38 also called VW’s door, but all they said was: “We can’t make any statement about pricing at this time.” One thing is clear: with all the features, it’s definitely not a bargain. In this regard, many campers will probably have to make do with a simple tent.